CE-Hydro Mini Condensing Cassette

The CE-Hydro Mini Condensing Cassette is a variable speed, R290 condensing unit utilising Emerson horizontal scroll technology.

The cassette can be installed on top of a display case (or in the immediate vicinity) and is suitable for new installation or retro fit applications. When coupled with the CLADE dry air cooler and pump station assembly, the heat is transferred out of the store, reducing the need for additional air-conditioning.

The CE-Hydro Mini utilises interior permanent Magnet Motor (IPM) Technology, which provides higher efficiency (drive and compressor), lower noise levels and a wider operating range. This helps to generate annual energy savings in excess of 20%, based on historical UK ambient conditions.

An extended operating envelope and subsequent reduced total cost of ownership makes the CE-Hydro Mini a viable natural alternative for UK retail stores.

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