The CLADE Stack CO2 systems have been designed and engineered to cater for a wide variety of applications across the convenience sector.

The range offers 20kW up to 65kW of both MT and DT duty and is designed to fit in a smaller footprint than a traditional housed CO2 system.

Stack is offered with low noise options to accommodate as low as 20 dBA at 10 metres. Its compact size enables users flexibility with their installation.

All Stack options are supplied in K65 high pressure rated pipework, and operate to a working pressure of 60bar. The units can be supplied housed with a combined gas cooler or as a seperate rack. All options are fitted with the latest compressor technology, providing variable capacity control as well as high levels of efficiency.

Other key features offered as standard include electronic oil management, optional RDM, Carel or Danfoss Controls and optional heat recovery.

The range offers 20kW up to 65kW of both MT and DT duty.

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